Star Citizen Funding Surpasses 144 Million Dollars – Brand New Ship Added Announced

The team over at Cloud Imperium Games dropped some good news for Star Citizen hopefuls – after surpassing the $144 million milestone in their Star Citizen funding campaign, a brand new ship has been added. The developer team describes the Anvil Hurricane as “a fighting spacecraft that packs a deadly punch into a slight fuselage.” Yes, please!

star citizen funding

This is what the team had to say on their official website about the latest addition to the game:

Meet the A4A Hurricane, a fighting spacecraft that packs a deadly punch into a slight fuselage. The spacecraft compensates for its lack of creature comforts with its powerful armament, boasting six guns capable of blasting their way through nearly anything. Hurricane pilots have yet to find an enemy shield they can’t knock down.

Be warned, this is not a ship for beginners. Mastering her unique ratio of heavy weapons with little armor requires a particular mix of marksman and dogfighter. Naval pilots serving with Hurricane squadrons have fallen in love with the exclusively offensive design; their peers’ constant refrain of ‘are you having a little ship with your guns?’ has served only to further distinguish the flights of “Six Shooters.” Standard model Hurricanes currently ship with six KBAR 11-Series Broadsword cannons (two gimbaled on the Size 4 nose hardpoints and four on the Size 3 turret slots) and four FSKI Ignite missiles for the Size 3 missile bay hardpoints.

The Hurricane is expected to be coming to Star Citizen sometime later this year, though no specific date has been set. According to the site, the mechanics of this aircraft has already been tested in Star Citizen’s alpha phase, so the transition in-game should be coming soon to online players. For information such as in-depth technical analysis, check out the full listing right here.

Between the new content coming to the title and the news that they have officially surpassed a huge $144 million in Star Craft funding, it’s a good week for the team and fans of the upcoming title! What say you, pilots? Are you excited for this space exploration game? If you’ve played the alpha, what are your thoughts so far? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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