Nissin Cup Noodle Hat DLC Coming to Final Fantasy XV

cup noodle hat

You think the world’s obsession with cup noodles is unhealthy? Well, there’s about to be a whole different level of unhealthy obsession, especially for collectors. Nissin and Square Enix have been in cahoots, developing a promotional 15 cup noodle pack centered around the main bosses of the Final Fantasy universe for their 30th anniversary. Both companies are stepping up their game with an actual cup noodle hat DLC, according to Siliconera. At least, for those able to get their hands on the promotional “Final Fantasy Boss Collection“. Not only do you get the DLC, but 30 lucky winners will receive an “Ultima Weapon Fork”. There was even a parody commercial showcasing the accessory. Check out the video below:

Every purchase comes with a DLC code, but it looks as though this promotion is only available to those in Japan, unless you can figure out how to order them. Each collection costs ¥6,048 (JY), which is roughly $53 (USD). However, keep in mind, by the time you get around to purchasing them, they may already be sold out. Check out online community shops or eBay to see if there are any available, but be careful of scams!

Will you attempt scouting the cup noodle hat DLC code yourself? What do you think of this collaboration between Nissin and Square Enix? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you! In other news, Final Fantasy XV will be getting new Magitek Exosuits soon! While it has been delayed for the time being, efforts to bring them as a free DLC are still being made. Unfortunately, a bit of redesign needs to happen before they are available to players.

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