Nintendo Reveals Minecraft Themed 2DS XL Special Edition

Nintendo revealed three new special edition 2DS XL and each with their own respective themes. The design with most significance is likely the Minecraft Creeper version, indicating more than just a design. Video game platform manufacturers are at odds with one another, namely Microsoft and Nintendo versus the uncooperative Sony. The aforementioned pair decided to “survive together” in this massively competitive industry and this newly announced special edition handheld only speaks to their growing relations.

It’s not often that Nintendo strays away from their own franchise for when designing themes for their hardware. In past, the company released exclusive editions and designs like the Hylian Shield, Pikachu, Ocarina of Time bundle, Poke Ball, and more.

In addition to the Minecraft themed 2DS XL, two other versions were released to exhibit Nintendo’s other intellectual properties, Mario and Animal Crossing. The latter sports a beautiful powder-blue color with classic symbols and icons, meanwhile the Mario Kart edition sports a simple textured black and red color scheme. Check them out in the gallery above.

Opposed to the other two, the Minecraft Creeper edition will set gamers back 16,980 yen, while the other two feature a 15,980 price tag on July 19th. The aforementioned design will have its own release date on August 2nd.

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