This Legend of Zelda VR Experience Is Fantastic (VIDEO)

Yesterday, the fine folks at UploadVR posted a video to YouTube showing off a Zelda-themed VR app.  In the short demo, designed for Rift and Vive, the player is shown to able to move around in a full 3D space armed with a bow and Master Sword in what a very polished environment.

It takes place in a dungeon not too dissimilar from those found in modern Legend of Zelda games and features both analog and teleporting controls for movement.  Players can switch between the Sword and Bow and use either to attack enemies. The only enemy that seems to be available to fight is a re-creation of the Stallord boss from Twilight Princess.  The fight in the app isn’t as involved as that of the original game, but rather than juggling items, it seems to focus on finesse and good aim. You will also be able to summon the lovable, if annoying, Navi.  The lighting on her in this looks great!

While it is an admittedly sparse experience, there is a lot of fun potential to explore from what’s seen in this video. Nintendo currently doesn’t seem to have any plans for VR related hardware in the near future, but maybe their pals at Microsoft do?

With their recent pairing with Nintendo to deliver Minecraft crossplay, who’s to say VR experiences with Nintendo IP are impossible?  While we did hear some news that might put that theory to bed, never say never! The gameplay doesn’t look too unwieldy.  It doesn’t seem too hard to load arrows into the bow since they seem to be autoloaded so the player can focus on just getting the pullback motion right. And Skyrim VR already showed first-person sword combat can work in an open world VR game.

Would you play a Legend of Zelda VR game?  Is it even possible for that to happen or is it a total pipe dream to wish for VR products from Nintendo?  Comment below and be sure to follow us on Twitter!


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