NieR: Automata Steam Update Is Finally Happening, Full Patch Notes Here

NieR: Automata Steam Update Is Finally Happening, Full Patch Notes Here

The arrival of the Xbox Game Pass PC port of NieR: Automata set off a bit of a powder keg within the gaming community, particularly because fans of the popular PlatinumGames title have been stuck with the shoddy underwhelming PC Steam port of the game for the past few years. Instead of fixing the existing port Square Enix chose to release an entirely different and superior one, which understandably didn’t sit right with fans. Thankfully, earlier this year it was announced that the Steam version of NieR: Automata is finally getting a much-needed update, and it has been revealed that said update will be releasing later this week.

As noted on the Steam website for NieR: Automata, the game will be getting a slew of quality of life updates and fixes in a patch that is scheduled to release on July 15. The meatiest and most welcome of these updates are graphical settings and features, many of which should have reasonably been implemented into the game when the port first arrived four years ago. This includes anti-aliasing, 4K UI textures, borderless video settings, and an increase to the FPS of pre-rendered cutscenes. The full patch notes can be found below:

▼ Changes made
• Borderless Video Settings
Borderless video settings have been implemented.
• Fidelity FX
A Fidelity FX CAS feature has been added.
The system will now detect whether HDR has been activated in the Windows display settings, and automatically boot the game in HDR mode if it has.
• Anti-aliasing
Adjustments to the anti-aliasing functionality
• UI textures (4K)
Approximately 270 UI textures for icons, backdrops and UI elements etc. now support 4K resolutions.
• Cut scenes
The bit rate has been improved and all pre-rendered cut scenes adjusted, so they will now play in 60FPS and display in the correct aspect ratio without stretching the picture.
• Global illumination
A new “Global illumination” feature has been implemented. This can be set to three different levels; High, Medium or Low.
• Ambient occlusion/ bloom
The rendering targets for ambient occlusion and bloom effects have been changed to dynamic resolution based on the game’s resolution.
▼ Bug fixes
• It is now possible to switch between recently selected display modes for screenshots, such as between full screen and windowed mode or between borderless and windowed mode, by pushing the Alt + Enter keys together.
• The mouse cursor is no longer displayed when using a game pad controller.
• The frame rate has been stabilized at 60FPS under default settings.
Other stability related fixes have also been implemented.

As mentioned, the upcoming patch for NieR: Automata will be releasing on July 15, 2021.

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