Nickelodeon Announces TV Show Created With A Game Engine

Nickelodeon TV Show

With the ever-changing children’s media landscape, Nickelodeon has endured as a television network even with competition from video games and mobile mediums. A significant amount of this has been due to nostalgia from older audiences over Nick’s earliest original programs such as Hey Arnold making comebacks. Nick has also benefited from looking to innovate their shows to better adapt to the modern media landscape. This certainly seems to be the case with a new Nickelodeon TV show that they have announced, which will utilize a video game engine to animate its characters and bring its universe to life.

As reported on Deadline, Nickelodeon announced their new series Meet the Voxels. The series will focus on the Voxel family, which consists of video game characters that live in the digital world. The family will include 13-year old laser-tag game star Hunter, his sister Maude the bubble-popping game player, their younger brother Cody who is looking for his video game calling, their street-fighting mother and retired classic arcade game character dad. The series is still in early development, so these details may change before the series premiere.

The series will have content that can be viewed in both augmented reality and virtual reality. While it has not been confirmed what game engine will be used to create the show, some have pointed out that Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab has used the Unreal Engine in the past. The creative team will also utilize cutting-edge technology like motion capture to bring out the best performances for the characters possible. Hopefully, the series keeps the tradition of Nickelodeon characters that fully resonate with youth to stay in their memory until they are old enough to buy Funko Pops of those characters for their own kids.

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