New Titanfall 2 Vision Story Trailer Released (VIDEO)

EA’s Youtube channel has released a new trailer titled “Titanfall 2: Single Player Story Vision” to detail the story and character elements of the new campaign mode for the next entry in the Titanfall franchise arriving later this month. Many critics lamented the lack of a campaign mode in the first Titanfall game, and the choices that the developers have made are making their foray into character-based narrative look promising.


The trailer shows many of the game’s creative team explaining that Titanfall 2 takes place five years after the events of the game’s predecessor, with the Militia, the heroes from the first game, taking back the Frontier from the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, the antagonists from the first game. The single player campaign will have you play as Jack Cooper, a rifleman from the Militia, whose mentor, Captain Lastimosa, dies early in the story. Upon his passing, the Captain orders his Titan (the large AI-enabled mech suits central to the gameplay) named BT-7274 to complete his mission to fight the evil IMC with Jack Cooper.

The aspects of the bonding between BT and Jack that affect the gameplay are exampled in the trailer, such as the dialogue options available to you as you go on missions with BT at your side. BT is shown to have a cold, robotic personality where language is perceived in a literal manner, so naturally, you can expect me to be a snarky little worm with my dialogue choices to him at every turn. Their team dynamic will definitely be a core element of the story, which is a clever reflection of the human avatar/Titan gameplay balance that was so central to the multiplayer mode of the original Titanfall.


As a non-Xbox One owner, I missed out on the first game, but with the sequel coming to Playstation 4 and the minimal amount of story in the first game likely making it easier to transition into Titanfall 2’s story, I’m definitely looking forward to jumping into a Titan for the first time. The environments look gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for buddy-cop, wisecracker and straight man pairings of lead characters. (Drax the Destroyer and Star-Lord in Avatar land? Sign me up!)

The game arrives on October 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Until then, why not check out the deals in the latest Playstation Store Flash Sale to hold you over?

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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