New Mass Effect Andromeda Teasers Hit Before N7 Day – Hint at Story (VIDEO)

BioWare is bringing out the big guns prior to their official trailer launch of their latest Mass Effect adventure: Andromeda. Today the developers behind this hit franchise released a teaser trailer and with as little of bread crumbs that they’ve been giving fans, it’s understandable that we are excited.

“This path began a long time ago,” this haunting trailer begins. A place among unseen starts, and unknown dangers – this is an “invitation to stand on the shoulders of those that came before and challenge yourself to go further”. The narration and the footage shown doesn’t reveal much but it does provoke excitement for veterans of the series: new dangers, new challenges, and new heroes to love.

With multiple delays, vague teasers, and hush hush members of developement, November 7th will be a huge day for fans everywhere looking to finally know more about the latest title from the RPG giants at BioWare. On November 7th, nicknamed N7 Day after the special operations unit featured in the series, BioWare promises “big things” including an official unveiling that reveals the story and more of the characters we have seen thus far.

Though it is not confirmed, there was a tie-in art book listed on Amazon that hints that the launch date for Andromeda will be on March 21st. Though we have no official confirmation on that date, there is more than one clue supporting that lock-in date.

You can also check out some gameplay of the game from the Sony 4K event earlier this year. This video showcases the 4K graphics of the latest title and goes in a little more into detail at what we can expect from the future of this franchise:

I, personally, have 28 playthroughs of this epic trilogy and am an avid collector of anything and everything pertaining to Mass Effect so you can bet that we here at DFTG will keep you in the know and have all the coverage you need come N7 day. Come celebrate with us and sound off with your hopes for the next step in the comments below!

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