New Details of Star Wars Land and Star Tours Revealed by Disney (VIDEO)

Star Wars Land

While having been announced back in 2015, it was only recently revealed that Star Wars Land would be opening sometime in 2019. Thanks to a panel at the Star Wars Celebration taking place in Orlando over the past weekend, fans have learned a little more about the upcoming attraction. During a separate presentation, those in attendance were told about an addition that is making its way to the Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park attraction Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. Crait, which is the salt flat-like planet seen in the trailer for The Last Jedi, is going to be added to the ride.

Getting back to Star Wars Land, what might possibly end up being the coolest feature of a theme park since the invention of the roller coaster was announced during the panel. The aim of the Imagineers and Lucasfilm designers is to make the attraction fully immersive. This means that once people enter the park, their actions will determine their experiences. Here’s an example:

Guests boarding the Millennium Falcon ride will have the opportunity to work together to command the space vessel – for better or for worse. Choices made on the ride, whether they end in a successful lightspeed trip or a crash landing, will impact guests when they step off the ride.”

It seems that they are attempting to turn attendees’ experiences into a role-playing game, which sounds fantastic and a great way to keep everyone coming back for more. Just think of all the different outcomes that are possible! That’s, of course, if the scenery itself doesn’t retain the attention of guests. New concept art for Star Wars Land was also shown off at the panel, and fans are surely in for a treat when it opens. Images that were revealed showed a land not seen by anyone before, but one many will undoubtedly come to know and love. Check out the gallery below:

It’s a shame that fans will have to wait another two years to experience Star Wars Land, because it is shaping up to be something truly magical. At least there will be a movie or three to hold everyone over until then, along with video games and an animated series. Check out the description for the land seen in the images above, which is followed by the panel that revealed all of this information:

The mysterious place lies on the Outer Rim as a remote village that was once a highly-trafficked place along a busy commerce route. However, with hyperspace travel currently being the main mode of transportation, the village has fallen by the wayside a bit and is home to a less appealing lot who prefer to go unnoticed and avoid the eye of the First Order.”

Is Star Wars Land exciting, or what? Does 2019 seem too far, far away, or will the time go by in an instant? How many outcomes do you believe there will be while experiencing the theme park? Drop a comment in the designated section below, or start a conversation over on the official Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If it is more reading that is desired, check out the following:

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