Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gets New Zombies Update With Tons Of Fixes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 recently passed its one month mark since it launched on all three major platforms, the latest entry into a long line of titles in the franchise. This multiplayer first-person shooter has a cult following and its easy for new gamers to enjoy without forethought. One feature in gaming that will always get players riled up are bugs and glitches.

While some of them are humorous by nature, some are naturally deal breakers. That phenomenal killstreak you just had could be gone in a second and as fresh as Black Ops 4 is, there’s plenty of bugs galore. In the latest update, the entire game gets a major overhaul including the highly coveted Zombies mode. Thanks to a Reddit post from the official Treyarch page, plenty of stabilizing fixes have been implemented. For the full rundown of patch notes for the latest Black Ops 4 update, check it out below:



  • Global – Fixed crashes that could occur:
    • While the Mystery Box loaded into the map.
    • When interacting a second time with an object that should only be used or interacted with once.
    • When an enemy climbed or mantled over railing or terrain in order to spawn into the playable space.
    • When updating player stats in the After Action Report screen.
    • When disconnecting and reconnecting the controller during a match, leaving the player stuck on the “Please reconnect controller” message.
    • After disconnects while one player was reviving another.
    • When triggering the Winter’s Wail explosion FX.
    • When a player disconnected within a certain time after joining the game.
    • When Zombies were moving away from downed players.
    • When a player was downed while using the Ragnarok DG-5.
    • When a Bot decided to kill the last enemy in the round.
    • When the player disconnected after using Point Drops and before they were picked up.
    • When a player disconnected as the Hellfire’s Infernal Tempest disappeared.
    • When a player used the Burned Out Elixir.
    • When the inventory updated while picking up an item.
    • When a player’s grenades were restored as the next round started.
    • When a player disconnected while a power-up dropped.
    • When the player disconnected from their party while in the Custom Games screen.
    • When calculating the player’s final score at the Game Over screen.
    • When interacting with the crafting table to craft any item for the first time.
    • When Dying Wish and Winter’s Wail cooldown UI elements were on-screen.
    • When updating the player’s stats and score when tracking Rush multipliers.
    • When the player disconnected while opening a door.
    • When killing Zombies with the Ragnarok DG-5.
    • When triggering Kill-O-Watt’s FX.
    • When triggering Frostbite’s FX.
    • In rare cases when Zombies spawned into the map.
  • Blood of the Dead – Fixed crashes that could occur:
    • When a player disconnected as the next Hellhound round was being determined.
    • Related to the UI at high rounds.
    • While following the Warden from the cellblock during the Main Quest.
    • When a player disconnected while looking at the bird during the Main Quest.
    • When killing Zombies during the banjo ghost event in the Main Quest.
    • When the player disconnected while following the ghost dog during the Main Quest.
    • When the player disconnected while riding the gondola.
    • When player was downed as they grabbed the Magmagat from the fireplace.
    • While running the unfinished Magmagat across the map.
    • When the furthest player in the catwalk during the gauntlet event disconnected.
    • For the host during the final boss battle.
    • When a power-up was dropped.
    • When loading into Blood of the Dead.
  • Classified – Fixed crashes that could occur:
    • Related to the UI at high rounds.
    • When the metal detector sounds played as the player walked through them.
    • When the player exited a teleporter.
    • When a player disconnected after being the first one to teleport into the Panic Room.
    • When a player disconnected while in a metal detector.
    • During a match of Classified Rush.
    • While the Mystery Box moved.
    • When placing the teleporter modifier while playing splitscreen with 3 or 4 players.
  • Voyage of Despair – Fixed crashes that could occur:
    • When spawning enemies in the first round of the boss battle.
    • When reaching the first Stoker-spawning round with the Wonder Weapon quest disabled in Custom Mutations.
    • When using the Kraken upgrade table.
    • When the Flying Car takes damage during the Upgraded Shield Quest.
  • IX – Fixed crashes that could occur:
    • When special enemies spawned during certain parts of the Main Quest.
    • When helping other players complete their challenges.
    • When a player disconnected and their Blade Trap became deactivated.
  • Tutorial
    • Fixed a crash that could occur with Bots in the tutorial.


  • Global – Resolved issues where:
    • Text for XP earned from each challenge tier was missing from the After Action Report.
    • The player could be permanently stuck when grabbed by the Blightfather’s tongue.
    • Concoctions UI remained on screen when switching from the Laboratory to the Identity screen.
    • UI incorrectly indicated to the player that Prestige unlock tokens could be spent on permanently unlocking Custom Class slots.
    • If a Prestige Master player did not gain any XP during a match (by launching the game and immediately quitting, for example), the displayed ranks would be incorrect, the XP bar would be completely filled, and there would be no indication of how much XP was required until the next level.
  • Blood of the Dead
    • Resolved an issue where the Hell’s Retriever could not pick up a power-up when thrown at certain angles.
    • Fixed incorrect subtitles stating that the voice for obtaining power-ups is the Warden.
    • Closed an exploit in Michigan Avenue that allowed players to use the Ragnarok DG-5 to jump on the railing on the top floor.
    • Resolved a rare issue where players were unable to progress the New Industries Portal in the Main Quest, despite having a fully-drained ghost killed in the Blade Trap.
  • Classified
    • Closed an exploit in the War Room that allowed players to use the Ragnarok DG-5 to jump on a terminal.

Passing on a question to you – were you fed up with all the bugs and game-breaking crashed in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? Are you glad Treyarch has finally done something about the bugs in Black Ops 4 or are you just ready to get back into the game? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest to catch up on:

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