Minecraft Aquatic Update Breathes Life Into The Game’s Oceans, Lakes, And Rivers (VIDEO)

Minecraft Update Aquatic

There are many different biomes in Minecraft. None of them more expansive as the water biome which consists of the oceans, lakes, and streams found in the game. For the most part, this has largely been left untouched from previous updates leaving it nearly lifeless in comparison to the rest of the game. The Minecraft Aquatic update hopes to fix that by bringing a ton of new features for plenty of underwater adventures.

During a live-stream shown at MineCon 2017, fans were treated nearly 3 hours of new content all concerning Minecraft. The Aquatic  portion begins around the 2:26:30 mark featuring Jens Bergensten and Will Arnett showing off some of the features players will have a chance to experience.

Bergensten explains that the Minecraft Aquatic update hopes to reshape the water biome of the game. Items will no longer sink to the bottom of the water, instead they’ll float on top. New bubble columns created by underwater magma flows will “break the buoyancy of the water” according to Bergensten, rocking the boats of players, allow items to sink, and more. The team at Mojang is excited to see just what players will come up with utilising the magma flows as a tool in their creations.

A new weapon is coming to the game called the trident which can be used to stab forwards or be thrown at enemies. The weapon has a special ability that only works in the water. When thrusting forward, the player will get a boost in movement for a second giving them extra reach in their attacks or maybe jump into the air like a dolphin. When on dry land, it’s possible to see this same effect occur when its raining in the world. The downside to the trident is that once thrown players, will need to retrieve it on their own. To help with this a new enchantment called Loyalty will also be introduced. The enchantment is specific to the trident allowing it to return to the owner like Thor’s Hammer.

Coral, kelp, and new fish are being introduced to the game which will change with warm and cold water Ocean biomes to add variety to the underwater areas of the game. Fish can be caught in buckets and will remain there until released allowing players to create their own fish tanks. Also adding to the terrain will be icebergs and shipwrecks that players can explore. The new mob creature, dolphins, will help players in their hunt for treasure by guiding them to nearby places of interest.

Lastly the water physics of the game ware getting an overhaul. The game currently has an occasional issue with strange air pockets that appear underneath water. The team is working hard to fix this issue and make the waters physics work a little better so players can build underwater a little easier.

The live-stream was merely a taste of whats to come in the next update for Minecraft. It will arrive sometime next year though an exact date has not been set. Let us know your thoughts on the Minecraft Aquatic update and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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