Minecraft 3DS Announced During Nintendo Direct – Available Now!

Microsoft's Minecraft

Get ready to get those creative juices flowing because during the most recent Nintendo Direct, the announcement that Minecraft 3DS is now available for the portable system starting today in the eShop! 3DS and 2DS owners will be able to get on the action now as promised by Nintendo!

Though the physical copy is on the way for a later date, the full Minecraft title is available as of right now in the Nintendo eShop. For those excited to let their blocky art style flow, now the peaceful sounds and open-world exploration can be taken on the go with the popular Nintendo handheld.

The full Nintendo Reveal is going on now and can be seen in the video above! The Minecraft 3DS edition also utilises the touch screen so that players have full control over their inventor systems and more.

What do you think about Minecraft coming to the 3DS and 2DS systems? Did you also hear that Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Skyrim are all coming to the Switch this November? All of that and more can be found on our 24 hour news stream, so don’t forget to also check out DFTG on Twitter to stay in the know – and fast!

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