Mass Effect Urdnot Wrex Limited Edition Statue Available Now For Pre-Order (GALLERY)

Urdnot Wrex is more than just a Krogan, he’s the ultimate battle buddy. From the Mass Effect trilogy series, Gaming Heads announces a limited edition Urdnot Wrex statue to stand beside Shepard in times of need complete with biotics and ultimate fire-power. What better way to celebrate a character with hilarious one liners than with an exclusive? He’s the very same genius that goes beyond just the precautionary double-tap with the saying, “Why shoot something once when you can shoot it 46 times?” That’s the Krogan all Mass Effect fans know and love.

Luckily, there are two collectible editions available at the Gaming Heads website, both retailing for the same price of $599.99. However, the exclusive Urdnot Wrex is only available on the respective site and limited to 500 pieces to be sold worldwide. It includes an exclusive M-300 claymore shotgun, and “clenched left hand swap-out items”. Both versions stand 23 inches tall (1/4 scale), hand-painted by artisans and come with a Graal-spike thrower shotgun. Of course, with any collectible comes a hand-numbered base, top-notch packaging, and a certificate of authenticity.

All units are available for shipping worldwide with payment plans available for those seeking to make an investment! Check out the listing on Gaming Heads website here. For the standard edition, check here! In need of more Mass Effect goodness? BioWare recently released a breakfast cereal commercial sure to “enkindle your taste buds“.

What do you think of the Urdnot Wrex statue? Ready to add another lovable character to the team? Let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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