CES Mass Effect Andromeda Spotlight – Latest Gameplay DEMO Dropped (VIDEO)

So it seems that every week here at DFTG we are saying something about BioWare’s latest space title, Mass Effect: Andromeda. If it seems that way, it’s because it is true and that’s because we are really, really excited for it! The original Mass Effect trilogy was iconic as we stepped into the military-grade boots of Commander Shepard and fought for our friends, our family, and our galaxy. Now it is the Ryder twins’ time to shine as a new adventure awaits RPG fans. What better way to start this interstellar journey than to take a look at an all new gameplay demo at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show for their Mass Effect Andromeda spotlight feature.

The first official taste of gameplay was a huge treat for fans world-wide when it dropped at the 2016’s Video Game Awards. After seeing the official trailer released previously early on in the year, gamers everywhere wanted to see less cinematics and more of what to actually expect as the player. The first gameplay demo gave us a very detailed look at companions, NPCs, the HUD, travel, and in-game combat. Though it did have a few animation glitches noticed by some, BioWare already addressed the concern stating that the final animation is still “in progress.”

Now BioWare has taken it a step further when taking anxiously awaiting fans to the next level of hype as the latest gameplay demonstration hit at 2017’s CES convention, an arena where developers, manufacturers, and publishers meet from all over the world to show off their latest tech, games, and innovative designs to a world teeming with technological advancement. Let’s take a look at the video during their Andromeda spotlight that highlights the use of Frostbite and PeeBee’s loyalty mission:

We cannot wait for the release of this amazing journey, which now has an official release date slated for March 21, 2017! Between the glorious collector’s editions, to meeting some of the amazing crew – Andromeda is going to be an adventure, that is for sure.

Need to catch up before the March release? Check out everything going on in the BioWare verse with the news below and don’t forget to stay tuned with DFTG for all of your gaming news!

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