Mass Effect Andromeda, Preorders, Box Art, and Details Announced

Today was the long awaited N7 Day, where Bioware promised to give us a more detailed look at the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. Players were not disappointed, as information came pouring in around noon, including the official preorder pages, box art, and details about what features will be present in the game. We also got a look at the awesome swag that comes with the Deluxe and Collectors editions.

The Origin website lists all the different gameplay features in great detail.

  • Search for habitable planets in the new Andromeda Galaxy for human habitation.
  • A familiar Mass Effect Universe, with old and new races and characters.
  • Destructible environments and boosted jumping!
  • Character customization with weapons, skills, and tech.
  • 4 player co-op

Additionally, we get a first look at the cover art. The image on the Deluxe edition appears to be the player character watching a citadel bursting into a planets atmosphere.


The 2 tiers of deluxe editions come with various in game items, like weapons, armor, pets, multiplayer packs, and the soundtrack. The purchasers of the Collectors edition will receive an impressive remote control Nomad vehicle valued around 200 bucks!


Let us know if you’re springing for the Collectors edition in the comments and hit up the DFTG crew if you want to play some co-op! Also, watch DFTG Lili hyperventilate over all the new news today!

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