Mass Effect Women’s Clothing from ThinkGeek for N7 Day, Making our Dreams Come True!

Mass Effect Andromeda

What better way to amp up the hype for the newest Mass Effect: Andromeda than by repping your style IRL? ThinkGeek is making 9 pieces of Mass Effect inspired women’s clothing that includes everything from bad ass dresses, leggings, jackets and scarves. You can even find the perfect accessories to tie it all together! All pieces of the Mass Effect N7 Capsule Collection  incorporate the classic Commander Shepard red and white stripes and N7 logo.

These new pieces of Mass Effect women’s clothing are available for pre-order and will ship around mid December. They range in price from $14.99-$67.99 and they are really amazing! These pieces are the perfect combination of cute and tough, perfect for all those strong independent women out there!

Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Faux-Leather Asymmetrical Ladies' Jacket


“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Faux-Leather Asymmetrical Ladies’ Jacket. This hoodie is the perfect mix of Paragon and Renegade. It’s got soft jersey fabric hoodie and sleeves with a no-nonsense faux leather body to keep you warm, no matter what your other choices might be. It has both a collar and a hood and features the Armor Stripe on the right sleeve and the N7 logo proudly embroidered on the chest.”

Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Vinyl Ladies' ANGL Hoodie Additional Image

“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Vinyl Ladies’ ANGL Hoodie. It has an oversized cowl hood lined in black. It has a cross body closure that’s super-flattering and more interesting than your standard hoodie. The sleeves have thumb cuffs, and it comes with two zippered waist pockets to keep your stuff safe without having to resort to an automatic coil gun or rocket launcher.”


Mass Effect N7 Infinity Snap Scarf

“When it’s not covered by armor, FemShep has quite the neck. It might just be us, but it looks like she was born with an extra vertebra or something. Maybe that’s what it takes to become an elite soldier in the future. This Mass Effect N7 Infinity Snap Scarf will protect even FemShep’s neck many times over from environmental factors. Measuring a massive 17″ x 80″, it’s our new favorite winter apparel item. It’s an infinity scarf if you snap those custom N7 snaps on the ends together. You could leave it open and drape it over your shoulders to use it as an elegant shawl that doesn’t come with lace and fringe and assorted nonsense. Or snap it non-traditionally for a cutting-edge fashion-forward look. It’s good to have choices, as all Mass Effect players know.”

Mass Effect N7 Princess Seam Ladies' Tank

“Look, if we could SELL you a Mako, we would. Well, no, actually we wouldn’t. We’d keep them for ourselves. Maybe if we had some left over, you could have them. Until then, you’re going to have to settle for this Mass Effect tank: the Mass Effect N7 Logo Princess Seam Tank. It’s a solid second choice for all the FemSheps out there. And we’ll see what we can do about the Mako in the meantime….”

Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Vinyl Pants

“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Vinyl Pants. They’re pants. (Which is fine since you’re not a Geth. Presumably.) They have a 3″ waist band, the N7 logo embroidered on them, and the Armour Stripe down the right leg. They’re fitted, but not body-hugging like leggings. We think they’re a perfect Casual Outfit option.”

Mass Effect N7 Long Vinyl Ladies' Cowl Hoodie

“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Long Vinyl Ladies’ Cowl Hoodie. The main feature of this pullover is its oversized fleece cowl neck with a drawstring that can also function as a hood for environmental protection. It has vinyl on the sleeve cuffs and details, and thumb cuffs on the palms, which are ribbed. The waist is an extra-long 6″ ribbed waist that’s super-flattering and unique. And, of course, it has the Armor Stripe inset down the right sleeve, the N7 logo embroidered on the chest, and an N7 label on the left hip.”

Mass Effect N7 Heather Princess Seam Dress Additional Image

“What is up with FemShep’s dress in ME3? Maybe it’s just us, but – girlfriend. We need to go through that closet. KonMari the crap out of it. Let’s get all the FemSheps out there a better casual outfit option without any mods required. Check out this  Mass Effect N7 Heather Princess Seam Dress. It’s got gorgeous, flattering colorblocking with princess seams to streamline your body. And the stretchy fabric makes it look like it was made for you.”

Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Long Sleeve Skater Dress Additional Image

“A t-shirt and jeans is generally the simplest and most widely-available way to show off your fandom, but maybe that’s not your thing. For ladies who want more, we’ve got this Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Long Sleeve Skater Dress. The bodice features flattering princess seams with a swooshy, skater skirt. It’s made from a super-stretchy fabric so it hugs your curves. It has the N7 logo embroidered on the chest and the Armor Stripe down the right sleeve. (Did we mention it has long sleeves? It has long sleeves.) And it has pockets. Every girl needs a little black dress, right?”

Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Pieced Leggings

“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Pieced Leggings. Depending on which game you’re in, Fitness may be either a Talent or a Power. We like to think of it as a challenge, ourselves. It’s a challenge to do better than our last set of reps. It’s a challenge to lift more, run faster, fight harder. It’s a challenge to get our butts to the gym, too, sometimes, which is why we wear these Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Pieced Leggings. They’re motivational. You can’t be Commander Shepard without being ready to kick some butt.”

The more I look at them, the more I realize just how broke I’m going to be this December after I buy them ALL. Are there any pieces of the Mass Effect N7 Capsule Collection that you are eyeing? Let us know which ones you want down below! Stay tuned with DFTG while we continue to celebrate N7 day!

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