Mad Box Console In Talks With 3 Big Investors, New Details Revealed

Mad Box Console In Talks With 3 Big Investors, New Details Revealed

The console market is set to gain an exciting new contender in the Mad Box, an in-development next-gen console with some pretty high aspirations. Upon the system’s announcement, creator Slightly Mad Studios immediately voiced their intent to rival brands such as Xbox and PlayStation. The developer has remained pretty transparent with its goings-ons, recently showing off a few initial designs for the incoming hardware and even offering a lucrative contest to fans over social media.

All appears to be lining up nicely for the Mad Box, as Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell has now revealed that three big investors have been lined up to back their huge hardware endeavor. It wasn’t revealed who the potential partners were, but Bell seemed confident enough in the dealings to share the happening over Twitter.

As the CEO has had a pretty consistent presence on the social media platform, the light-shining tidbits didn’t stop there. Also touted was the console’s developer-friendly nature, Bell describing an extremely seamless experience for those interested in giving the hardware a chance. He touted the company’s forthcoming developer tools, which would allow for simple development for not only the Mad Box, but for rival platforms as well.

There’s no denying that the Mad Box definitely sounds like an intriguing console, especially if all these exciting promises are eventually delivered in the final product. One thing that’s for sure is that Sony and Microsoft will definitely have their work cut out for them to deliver a competitive next-gen experience. However, as both companies are considerably more secretive with their hardware, it’s probably going to be a while before we get anything concrete on that front.

Though, that hasn’t stopped fans, developers, and analysts from flooding the internet with their own respective sea of speculation. Predictions such as the PS5’s embrace of backward compatibility and the supremacy of next Xbox have been rolling around the web for a while now, as has the potential for eSports-influenced hardware and the possibility of discless gaming upon release.

The Mad Box has no current release date, but is on track to arrive in 3+ years.

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