Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player Mods DLC Fighter Stats Into Game (Also With Waluigi)

DLC Fighter Stats

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to intrigue its players with its many fighters to master and its numerous spirits to collect. While it has kept people engaged for now, many are still looking forward to when the new DLC fighters are made available in the game throughout this year. Nintendo thrilled fans with the announcement of Joker as the first of these new fighters, and datamined information has created many rumors as to the DLC fighter released after that. Now, one devoted Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter has found a way to try out the new DLC fighter stats on currently available fighters.

Mizumi on Twitter is quite active in the Super Smash Bros. community, especially when it comes to modding. It seems that Mizumi was able to utilize the upcoming DLC fighter stats discovered by dataminers in the Super Smash Bros. code recently to apply them to the fighters included already with the game. One video shows the stats that Persona’s Joker will have, if they were applied to the move set of Captain Falcon (seen in the video with his digital model replaced with Waluigi’s because meme). As described, Joker fits the fighter well, but makes him seem heavier than before.

The modder also similarly transferred the new stats for future DLC fighter Piranha Plant into Bowser Jr., which seemed like the best fighter to do so with as Bowser Jr. remains in his clown car similar to how Piranha Plant will stay attached to a green pipe. It appears that Piranha Plant will control like a lighter version of Bowser Jr. in some senses. Mizumi also tried out the stats for the datamined fighter only known as “Brave” on Ike, which made him slightly slide when turning around. These are interesting mods to behold, and will have many people wondering how the final builds of these new DLC fighter stats will control. Our bodies are indeed ready to find out. What do you guys think about these DLC fighter stats in action? Let us know in the comments below!

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