Xbox Series X

New Xbox ‘Lockhart’ Console Rumored For Reveal Next Month

With the next-generation of consoles all but arrived, gamers are already preparing a spot on their shelves for the incoming hardware launch. While both Sony and Microsoft have divulged a…

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Next-Gen PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Load Times Demonstrated By Sony (VIDEO)

PlayStation 5 Controller Features Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers

The PlayStation 5 appears to be leading the way for next-gen, not only for the system’s impressive set of specs but also for being the first to confirm an official…

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PlayStation 5 Games Event PS5

PlayStation 5 Release Confirmed For Holiday 2020

Next-generation console gaming has been approaching at a steady pace as of late, with numerous pieces of speculation coming forward in between admittedly-sparse official announcements. Sony notably dropped the first…

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EA's Frostbite Reveals Hair-Raising Next-Gen Rendering

EA’s Frostbite Reveals Hair-Raising Next-Gen Rendering (VIDEO)

Next-gen gaming is becoming much more of a reality as of late, with companies such as Sony and Google openly discussing their major plans for the foreseeable future. While there’s…

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PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content

PlayStation 4 Support Will Continue For At Least 3 More Years

Slowly but surely, the next generation of home consoles is inching its way to the present, Sony seemingly at the forefront with the reveal of the tentative PlayStation 5. Though…

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Next-Gen PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Load Times Demonstrated By Sony (VIDEO)

Sony Reveals Next-Gen PS5 Capabilities In New Showcase (VIDEO)

Sony is among the first companies to divulge plans for the next generation of consoles, last month’s big showcase revealing plenty of impressive inclusions for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Though…

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New Mad Box Console Shares Completely Redone Design

Mad Box Console Has “Questionable” Future Following Google Stadia Reveal

The gaming industry was given a swift kick to the keister following the reveal of Google Stadia, the all-encompassing streaming platform showcasing some impressive aspirations that would undoubtedly change the…

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PS5: Sony Confirms Next PlayStation, New Details Leaked

PlayStation 5 Could Be Cheaper Than Originally Predicted, According to Analyst

The reveal of Sony’s plans for the tentative PlayStation 5 happened earlier this month and while it wan’t completely without mystery (still no confirmation of the name “PS5”), what was…

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PS5, Next Xbox Unlikely To Have Cross-Play As Defining Feature, Says Dev

PS5, Next Xbox Reportedly More Powerful Than Google Stadia

Google certainly made a splash with the announcement of its exciting new game-streaming service Google Stadia, the cloud platform not only boasting a high degree of device and peripheral compatibility,…

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Erebus PlayStation 5 ps5 Fortnite Epic

Sony Reportedly Focused On PS5 Games, Nothing New For 2019

There’s been a whiff of an incoming new console generation as of late, the scent of the proposed PS5 continually growing stronger as the weeks and months go on. Features such…

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