The 3 Part DLC for Little Nightmares Begins With Its First Release Starting Next Month

Little Nightmares

With its release in April, fans have been immersing themselves in the whimsical horror adventure puzzle game that is Little Nightmares. Bandai Namco Entertainment had announced in May that a DLC was on the way. Now it has been announced that the expansion will come in three parts, officially dubbed “Secrets of the Maw”.

The expansion will focus on “The Runaway Kid”, whose story parallels the stories of the Six. This will offer a new perspective to the main storyline as players explore new areas of the Maw including “The Depths”, “The Hideaway”, and a third yet to be named location. It will feature new challenges within the familiarity of the gameplay in Little Nightmares.

“The Depths”, the first episode in the expansion, will be available in July. Players will guide the boy through a flooded and decaying area that is abandoned for the most part. Producer Stephen Halett had this to say on the first part of the story:

Size-wise the first story called The Depths will be the size of The Lair [the first area of Little Nightmares]. That being said, the puzzles in it are going to involve new water mechanics and will be harder to solve as a result so you can expect your playthrough to be longer.”

In November, the second part of the DLC will be available. “The Hideaway”, as it is called, will detail more on the Nomes. These tiny residents of the Maw live amidst the ship’s machinery where players are expected to be able to explore. The final episode for the Little Nightmares DLC is scheduled for January 2018. According to a recent interview with producer Stephen Halett, the studio is focused on producing Secrets of the Maw and for now, there is little plans if any for more content or a sequel. The expansion is available for pre-order on Steam, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network with an expansion pass also available for pre-order.

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