New LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Trailer Offers A Closer Look At The Parr Family (VIDEO)

Incredibles Gameplay Trailer

The summer blockbuster season is nearly upon us, and while a large part of this summer’s slate of big live-action superhero films seems to dominate much of the conversation, Pixar’s take on the superhero genre is far from being forgotten. Many were excited when The Incredibles 2 was confirmed for theatrical release this summer, and just as much excitement was had at the confirmation of a LEGO The Incredibles game releasing alongside the film. An announcement trailer recently revealed the Parr family’s digital blocky forms, and now, a new LEGO The Incredibles gameplay trailer shows off their moves in the game’s engine.

The latest video shows many scenes from the first movie recreated in the typical Lego game comedic cinematic style, with what seems to be the original dialogue clips from the first film. The trailer also heavily showcases gameplay, and how each of the Incredible’s powers can be used to solve puzzle and fight enemies in the game. For instance, Mrs. Incredible is shown using her elasticity powers to glide across buildings and stretch to form a bridge for Mr. Incredible to cross.

We also see baby Jack-Jack using his laser vision, and the Incredibles family fighting what appears to be The Underminer’s digging vehicle as seen at the end of the first film. The stinger for the trailer shows the fan-favorite scene of Frozone loudly asking his wife where his supersuit is, albeit with an added background gag this time. The game certainly seems like it captures the spirit of The Incredibles, and hopefully the second film in the series continues that trend. Because if the Incredibles aren’t special, nobody is.

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