This LEGO Bionicle Fan Game Is 6 Years In The Making (VIDEO)

Lego Bionicle

With the coronavirus quarantine keeping many gamers sheltered in their homes, creatives have had the time to take full advantage of expressing their ideas and fandoms for over a month now. This has been the perfect time for fan-creations to be released and highlighted. The past few weeks have seen everything from a Super Mario Odyssey demade with 64-bit graphics and a fan-made trailer envisioning what a Paper Zelda game might look like. Now, one LEGO fan has gone the full length of creating their own LEGO Bionicle fan game, and their new trailer shows much promise for the project.

Talented game creator Crainy recently released their new trailer for their LEGO Bionicle fan game on the project’s official YouTube channel. For those unaware, Bionicle was a line of classic LEGO construction toys that focused on a science fantasy world of cybernetic warriors called the Toa that lasted from 2000 to 2010, with a failed reboot in 2015-2016. There were several Bionicle video games released during these periods, but none for current-gen consoles. Thus comes Crainy with this creation that apparently took six years to bring to life.

The game, titled Bionicle: Quest For Mata Nui, is an open-world RPG set on the island of Mata Nui and features numerous characters and elements from “the first year of Bionicle.” Not only does the game look like an early 2000s action game with polished modern graphics, but it seems to have a robust RPG system and many sidequests to occupy time. Fans are encouraged to join the game’s official Discord channel for updates on the game, including when a full version would be available. Hopefully, this project doesn’t get shut down by LEGO corporate, as it seems to be a harmless, loving tribute to those disc-throwing bois of our childhoods. After all, even when your hope is gone, we move along.

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