Leaked Sonic Movie Redesign Shown Off In Best Image Yet

Leaked Sonic Movie Redesign Shown Off In Best Image Yet

Coming off one of the most poorly-received trailer debuts in 2019, Paramount’s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie certainly has a lot to prove when it finally hits theaters in 2020. While the project features the stellar casting of Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz, Sonic’s bizarre “realistic” appearance was enough to spawn plenty of negative online reactions as well as no shortage of humorous memes. That said, it appears SEGA’s blue blur may have a fighting chance at redemption, as the Sonic movie has gone through a pretty stellar redesign.

First surfacing last month, director Jeff Fowler’s promised Sonic redesign was seemingly revealed through a series of images, each showing off a much more recognizable portrayal of the speedy hedgehog. Gone were the character’s infamous human-like proportions in favor of a vibrant, cartoony look reminiscent of the video games. Fans were immediately receptive of this new-and-improved Sonic, and now another image leak has shown off the best look at this updated design yet. Tails’ Channel on Twitter has revealed a much clearer look at the new Sonic movie design, depicting a large theater standee with a certain blue speedster standing front and center.

The image (shown above) initially surfaced with no apparent source, but a report from TSSZ eventually placed the leak as part of “an email sent to movie theaters across the country.” Via an unnamed source, the outlet confirmed the email message included dimensions and a photo of the aforementioned standee, with an accompanying survey asking theater owners whether they can “accommodate the standee.” To top it off, a “timing” date of November 12th is said to have also been mentioned in the email, suggesting the standee is slated to start being displayed in under a week’s time.

Though all these leaks have yet to be confirmed through official channels, the frequent and overwhelming nature of the above images certainly appear to indicate they’re the real deal. If everything turns out correct, the standee reveal on November 12th could likely indicate an important date for the Sonic movie, as it would present a welcome opportunity to debut an updated poster, or perhaps even a new trailer for the approaching Paramount release. Such a showcase could prove to be a poetic one, as the video game adaptation was originally set to release this month (today, as of writing), before being delayed into next year.

Sonic the Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14, 2020.

What do you think? Are you loving how the new movie Sonic looks, or are you morbidly curious about how the previous version could’ve turned out? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more headlines recently featured on DFTG, check out these next few news stories:

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