New Sonic Movie Design Discovered Out In The Wild

Live-Acton Sonic Movie Delayed To Make Hedgehog Design "Just Right"

A new live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie may be racing into theaters in 2020, but fans have been largely apprehensive about the idea after seeing what SEGA’s iconic blue blur would actually look like. For months now, the ring-collecting hedgehog’s bizarre appearance has been widely derided online, a fervor that gained significant momentum after the first trailer officially landed. With hype dwindling, Paramount and Blur Studio made the bold decision to redesign the Sonic movie star and push back the movie’s release into next year.

After over five months since the announcement, it looked like we’d received the first look at this redesign through an apparent leak, it seemingly showing the Green Hill speedster in much more vibrant and recognizable light. Fans were especially receptive of this updated Sonic movie design, responding to the leak with no shortage of exciting comments and clever memes. However glorious the look appeared, it was still regarded as unconfirmed at the end of the day; but that may have changed following a reveal of the new Sonic movie design out in the wild.

As posted by Tails’ Channel on Twitter (seen above), a new Sonic the Hedgehog standee has been found out-and-about; the promotional material appearing to depict the new character design featured in the leaks. According to anonymous sources with the outlet, the snapshot was originally shared to a private Discord group, the original poster not intending for the image to appear anywhere else–let alone across the entire internet. However, that’s evidently what happened, as the picture sneakily spread to a public chat and eventually found its way to Twitter.

It’s currently anyone’s guess where this photographed standee currently resides, but the mere existence of such a prop would all-but-confirm that these leaks are real. To a smaller extent, it would also indicate a new wave of marketing is intended to begin soon, likely including updated posters (such as this), reworked merchandise, and an all-new trailer showing off the new Sonic character. With a release date scheduled to happen in just a few months’ time, Paramount is expected to roll out something to that effect sooner rather than later.

Sonic the Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14, 2020.

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