Star Wars: Lando Spinoff Film Of Interest, Just Not Right Now

Lando Spinoff

Next week, Solo: A Star Wars Story releases in theaters. The anthology film that will show the early days of Han Solo has already been earning big advance ticket sales numbers and praise from critics. Fans have especially been excited to see the portrayal of a younger Lando Calrissian by Donald Glover, who is already having a stellar year in the worlds of television and music. Given Glover’s success and charm, many have been wondering if a Lando spinoff Star Wars anthology film would be in the cards for the future. Today, news outlets had quite a roller coaster of a day regarding that possibility.

Many sites today covered an article from Premiere France that contained a quote that Premiere got from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy at the Cannes film festival. The quote that many sites shared read “We think that the next spinoff will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian. Of course, there are still many stories to tell about Han and Chewbacca but Lando will be next.” This excited many with the seeming confirmation of a Lando-focused anthology film akin to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Many outlets ran with it, but alas, further clarification from Premiere France came.

After receiving a follow-up response to the article from Lucasfilm, Premiere has updated their article and claimed the earlier quote was mistranslated. The new translation reads as “We would love to tell a story about Lando Calrissian one day, but it’s not relevant, it would be fun to tell the story of Han and Chewie.”

This would seem to discredit the earlier quote that led the public to believe a Lando spinoff was announced. Still, there does seem to be interest from both Lucasfilm and fans for a Lando film, and Glover has signed on for a multiple-film deal with Lucasfilm. Hopefully, that deal keeps getting better all of the time. Would you guys want to see a Lando spinoff Star Wars film? Let us know in the comments below!

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