Dragon Age 2’s Fenris Actor Performs Voice Dialogue For Blue Wraith Comic

Dragon Age 2's Fenris Actor Performs Voice Dialogue For Blue Wraith

Late last year, the folks over at Dark Horse Comics announced a brand new comic set in the Dragon Age universe. While that would normally be enough to get us excited, it was also revealed that the series – called Blue Wraith – would follow best boy Fenris in a completely new story. Now, with the comic’s first issue having debuted last week, Dragon Age 2’s Fenris voice actor has put on a bit of a performance involving one of the pages from comic issue #2, out this week.

As reported by the folks over at Prima Games, Fenris voice actor Gideon Emery recently took to Twitter to release a 20-second clip featuring that sultry voice of his as he reads some of his character’s dialogue from Dragon Age: Blue Wraith comic issue #2. The dialogue itself is centered around Fenris admiring the skill of a Mabari hound. Admittedly we’ll take anything at this point as long as he’s willing to offer his voice acting talents, this particular page being chosen was just a bit…unexpected. Check it out below:

When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to talk about Gideon Emery saying “you slobbering beauty,” but here we are, and honestly it’s pretty glorious. As mentioned, issue #2 of Dragon Age: Blue Wraith is out this week.

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