The Joker Makes His Official Debut in Another Character Focused Injustice 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

injustice 2 joker

A little earlier in the month, NetherRealm Studios scheduled a new fighter reveal for their upcoming game Injustice 2, teasing the mystery character on their official website. The reveal was unfortunately spoiled early, with the addition of The Joker name dropped in the game’s Xbox One achievements and the leaking of gameplay showing the villain in action. Now that the official reveal day has come, the clown prince of crime’s unique move set can finally be viewed as it was meant to be, in trailer form, which can be viewed below.

The Joker’s offense makes use of many of the iconic weapons from throughout the tricky villain’s comic book history, featuring the character’s murderous crowbar, electrifying joy-buzzer, and poisonous Joker Gas among various other devices. The criminal jester’s Super Move is especially crazy as one might expect. An opponent is strapped into an electric chair where Joker gleefully pulls the power switch, electrifying them to a crisp. It doesn’t end there either because the sparking chair sets off a pile of dynamite causing the unlucky player to be further damaged in a large and spectacular explosion.

So far, there’s been a seemingly uncountable number of amazing characters revealed for NetherRealm’s upcoming brutal fighting game. Now that the remaining fighters listed in the game’s Xbox achievements have been unveiled, it may appear that the developer is finished revealing any new characters for the time being. Given that the game’s May 16th launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still two weeks away, there’s more than a few surprises left to be had. If and when they become known, keep an eye here at Don’t Feed the Gamers to read all about it.

Are excited to try out The Joker’s move set? What do you think of his revised look? Did you see his return coming even before his reveal was leaked? Let us know in the comments below and also be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news 24-hours a day! If you’d like to catch up on what’s currently happening in the DC universe, check out these next few articles:

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