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Philadelphia Mobile Game

While it has never been a ratings juggernaut, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has certainly earned the status of cult classic television series, especially among internet fans. The very meme-friendly series has had some of Danny Devito’s funniest work, and turned its other main cast members into stars in their own right. The series has been on hiatus for over a year, but a new season was just recently announced. Popular television shows like Westworld have sought to use mobile games as a way to promote their show, and now it looks like an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mobile game will be extending the show’s universe in a new way.

Philadelphia mobile

The Hollywood Reporter shared the exclusive announcement from FoxNext Games and East Side Games in partnership with FX. ‘It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile’ will bring the gang, Paddy’s Pub and other familiar elements from the show to mobile devices later this year. The game will reportedly involve the gang getting involved with their usual brand of money-making schemes, with a need for hiding, or laundering the money safely. This is reflected in a cryptic note from a promotional image for the game seen below:

The note above is meant to be stylized after Charlie Day’s illiterate character from the show who can only make crude written communications. While no specific release date for the game is given, the new season of the show premieres on September 5th this year, so the game could very well release some time around then. Until then, fans will have to soak up the sun at the beach with a rum ham to pass the time.

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