Injustice 2 Beta Registration is Now A Go – Here’s Where to Sign Up

Injustice 2 Beta

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us, fans have been left wondering if the story would continue on and, if it did, what they could expect after the superhero-throwdown that took the world by storm. Then, not too long ago, we were gifted with the knowledge that the story would indeed, continue on and that Injustice 2 was coming, much to the excitement of players everywhere. With the hype growing every day leading up to the title’s release, developers have been gifting their beloved players plenty of little treats, most recently premiering a brand new cinematic trailer showing off Brainiac and Darkseid’s involvement in the game. But the biggest and (possibly) best surprise of all was the announcement that fans of Injustice will be given a chance to try the game out early, as Warner Bros. Interactive has officially launched the Injustice 2 Beta registration!

After a cryptic Tweet was posted by gaming director Ed Boon yesterday, fans were left wondering exactly what he meant by his post. Now, with official word given that the Beta sign up is live, his message couldn’t have been clearer!

Makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it! His image, featuring an arrangement of Greek letters, coyly leaves out “beta” and graciously hinting that the beta for Injustice was well on its way! For those of you who are interested in giving the game a try early, you can sign up for the Injustice 2 Beta here. But be quick! There hasn’t been official word on when the beta will begin, nor how many players will be allowed to try it out, so those slots can fill up pretty quick!

Injustice 2 Beta

Another recent announcement from Warner Bros. Interactive has been the reveal of the special edition versions of Injustice 2. There’s quite a lot of stuff going into those special editions, whether you choose to go Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. If you’re anything like me, and just have to have those extra playable characters, definitely make sure you preorder the Ultimate Edition to get all 9 DLC characters in your roster before your preferred copy runs out!

There’s quite a lot of special content coming our ways, and the developers have been terrific about keeping us informed about what you can expect from the newest Injustice experience. Whether it’s preordering the special edition copies of the game, or signing up for the Injustice 2 beta (or why not both?!), it’s looking like gamers have been extremely lucky with this title’s release. So what do you think so far? Do you believe Injustice 2 is going to be just as good as the previous title? Are you going to sign up for the beta registration? Let us know in the comments below, and game on!



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