Bill Nye Talks “The Force” at Star Wars Rogue One Premiere

First off, let’s be clear – Bill Nye loves Star Wars and the lore, even though it initially “infuriated” him. However, Nye apparently wanted to ruin everybody’s Star Wars dreams – in the most scientific way possible, of course. Oh, how innocent his presence seemed at first. During the Star Wars Rogue One red carpet movie premiere, Nye breaks down the force and its impossibility. That’s right. As Bill Nye stares straight at the camera, his eyes obviously delving deep into your soul, he says the taboo phrase – “there is no force.” Does it helps that his familiar charismatic personality dampens the blow?

It’s a human story even though they’re dressed in rubber heads and stuff – it’s all about people. But also [sic], scientifically, there is no force.

Of course, he wasn’t interviewed just to talk about the Force. Nye admits that explosions are totally a thing, obviously. I mean, the big bang, anyone? Despite the devout scientist in him, Nye still has hope, calling out all Star Wars fans and believers of the Force to arms: “If you all can find a way, really, to have information move at faster than the speed of light, that would be great. Let everybody know!”

In other Star Wars related news, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said, in Empire Magazine, that Rogue One will not have a sequel for obvious reasons due to where the story fits into the franchise’s timeline. Despite that, the movie was predicted to rake in $120 to $150 millions dollars in revenue. Let’s see how those numbers compare once it debuts to the public this weekend.

What are your expectations for Rogue One, gamers? Are you going to prepare yourself with some swanky Star Wars inspired Columbia outerwear waiting in those long lines? Or are you going to wait until the hype dies down to go see it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below, we would love to hear from you!

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