Rainbow Six Siege Holiday Event Giving Away Weapon Charms During ‘Ubisoft Club Challenges’

Everyone and their mothers are offering rewards and special events during this holiday season. They’re mostly Christmas themed decorations, costumes, and items. Not that it’s a bad thing. To join in on all the holiday hubbub, Rainbow Six Siege has emerged with their own Christmas event for players. This year, players get challenge themselves with new Ubisoft Club challenges – not only for a time, spanning across the holiday week, but New Year’s as well. There are also challenges for the Rainbow Six anniversary challenges taking place during this time.

For some reason, the rewards for the Christmas Challenge cataloged on Rainbow Six Siege’s Blog is different. This may confuse some players out there. There may have been a discrepancy when naming the rewards. The list is rather short, and the challenges don’t seem too demanding. Perhaps, repetitive might be a better word? Either way, it will definitely keep players busy – especially for the completionists out there. We see you, and we nod to you.

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Here is the complete list of challenges, as follows:

 Christmas Challenge (12/20 to 12/27):

  • Challenge: 10 kills using gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Sneaky Santa Charm/Invisible Hat
  • Challenge: 20 kills with gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Tactical Santa Charm/Kapkan Santa Charm
  • Challenge: 30 kills with gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Christmas Pattern 1/Nutcracker Weapon Skin

New Year’s Challenge (12/27 to 01/03):

  • Challenge: MVP with 4000 score
    • Reward: Disco Ball Charm

Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenge:

(12/20 to 12/27)

  • Challenge: Win 10 rounds of GIGN Operators
    • Reward: Twitch’s Shock Drone Charm

(12/27 to 01/03)

  • Challenge: Win 10 rounds of FBI SWAT Operators
    • Reward: Castle’s Icon Charm

So, what say you, gamers? Will you be participating in the Ubisoft Club challenges this time around? Have you already completed them? Are you disappointed or pretty happy about the event this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. We would love to hear from you.

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