Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Gives A Much Needed Fix To Cutscene Issue

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch

The latest Horizon Zero Dawn patch is now live and not only does it tackle the normal bug fixes, but also addresses a problem many players have reported regarding cutscenes being skipped. With The Frozen Wilds DLC now available, any many jumping back into the adventure as Aloy, a few necessary fixes can go along way. Below are the full patch notes courtesy of Guerrilla Games:

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch



  • Fixed a crash caused by certain particles effects.
  • Fixed a crash for players who have over 2000 treasure boxes in their inventory when starting a New Game+.

• Fixed several visual issues.
• Fixed several geometry issues.
• Fixed several audio issues.
• Fixed an issue in “The Forge of Winter” where some players would have the Time of Day locked after they skipped part of a cut scene.
• Fixed an issue in “Into the Frozen Wilds” where the Time of Day would not transition to dawn while traversing through the tunnel when the player would enter between a certain time period.
• Fixed an issue in the tutorials for the Carja Rattler and the Shadow Rattler where machines from The Frozen Wilds would not count towards progression tutorials.
• Fixed an issue where the functionality of the new UI for Treasure Boxes was unclear to some players.
• Updated the inventory icons for the Master outfits.
• Fixed an issue where the Banuk Werak Chieftain Adept outfit would display the incorrect image of the outfit in the Inventory menu.
• Fixed an issue where players with the maximum amount of traps on them were unable to take any resources from treasure boxes with traps inside.
• Fixed a design issue in the Nora Silent Hunter Master outfit where the stealth stat could be modified to a value that is higher than intended.
• Introduced a retroactive fix for the issue where outfits that were obtained prior to Patch 1.40 would lose their base resistances upon loading the save after updating to Patch 1.40 or newer.
• Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” where some players would have the objective ‘Meet Rost at the North Gate’ appear as failed in the quest log once completed.
The Frozen Wilds
• Fixed an issue where Sekuli, the Specialty Merchant, would only appear on the map if the player was in Song’s Edge.
• Fixed an issue in “The Shaman’s Path” where some players would experience that Quest Pathfinding would not update when leaving the Icerasps through the right hand side of the exit.
• Fixed an issue in “For the Werak” where the timer would disappear when they would proceed down the mountain instead of following the mountain traversal route on the third challenge.
• Fixed an issue in “Out of the Forge” with the behavior of the Fire Claws if a player would stand in certain areas of the encounter.
• Fixed an issue in “Out of the Forge” where players could not activate the quest from the world map, as the Fire Claw sites would overlap the quest marker.
• Fixed an issue in “Weapons of the Lodge” where the objective log would be reset to ‘1/15 suns earned’ after clearing the Snowchants Hunting Ground in The Frozen Wilds.
• Increased the frequency of non-daemonic machines spawning after finishing “The Forge of Winter” in The Frozen Wilds.
• Fixed several issues with the animations of the Fire Claw.

• Fixed a progression issue in “Waterlogged” that some players experienced, where Gildun would be missing after exiting and re-entering the Greycatch.
• Fixed a progression issue in “The Forge of Winter” that some players experienced, where players could be spawned in geometry when dying in the lava at the entrance of the cauldron.
• Fixed a progression issue in “The Forge of Winter” that some players experienced, where Ourea would be stuck if the player moved quickly through the area before the Recycling Area.

• Fixed a streaming issue where some players that installed The Frozen Wilds would have the ground in front of Aloy appearing to ‘bump-up’ as it loads in ahead.
• Fixed a streaming issue where some players would experience the Metal Devil visibly streaming in when approaching it from Devil’s Grief.
• Fixed a streaming issue in “Waterlogged” where some players would have streaming issues at the entrance of the dam after running to the Greycatch.

• Fixed various crash issues.

What do you think about the changes and fixes in the latest Horizon Zero Dawn Patch? What do you think the team at Guerrilla Games still have to fix? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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