Hitman March Update is Here, Fixes Flaming Teleporters and More

Hitman March Update

Hitman is a stealth assassination game by Square Enix and IO Interactive. Players find themselves in the suit of Agent 47, a genetically enhanced international contract killer. The game is unique in that each location in the game and its contracts are released individually over the course of a “season” in game, which IO calls a “live component”. While players can now purchase the entire first season, it stands to reason that the second and third potential seasons will also follow a similar style. Each location allows for a wide range of creativity in the ways to carry out each contract, from long distance sniping, close quarters stabbing, poison, and whatever else players can come up with.

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On March 14th, the game received a new update. This patch includes some minor bug fixes and gameplay improvements. There was also mention of the content that will be available this month. Some of things being patched out are missing subdue prompts disappearing near walls or when NPC’s pick up objects. Exit points were not appearing once a target has been killed, guards suspending their normal routines after the player preformed specific actions, or even things like the ‘Never Spotted’ bonus not being awarded after missions, etc. Thankfully, the March Update should fix a lot of these issues within the game:

  • Simplified Chinese Language Support
    • We’ve added full menu and subtitle support for Simplified Chinese on PC.
  • Performance
    • We’ve fixed some rare issues that could cause the game to crash or be unstable.
  • Missing Exits
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent exit points from appearing after killing the target(s).
  • Paris Suspend
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause guards and targets in Paris to suspend their routines, after specific player actions.
  • Subdue Prompt
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the ‘subdue’ prompt to disappear when an NPC is picking up an item or when they are close to a wall.
  • Scoring Adjustment
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Never Spotted’ bonus was not awarded in certain cases.
  • Sapienza Lab
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause 47 to be ‘spotted’ in the Sapienza Lab, even whilst ‘blending in’.
  • Hokkaido Landscape
    • We’ve fixed a rare issue that could cause 47 to fall ‘out of world’ in Hokkaido.
  • Contracts Search Favourites
    • The Contract Tile now displays an icon to show whether that contract has been added to ‘My Favorites’
  • Sticky Pistol (Escalation)
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Sticky Pistol’ countdown would expire, despite 47 having the pistol equipped on a ledge.
  • The Incarnation Non-Accident
    • We’ve fixed an issue in the ‘Meiko Incarnation’ Escalation where dumping an NPC in a specific area would not result in an accident kill.
  • Disappearing Act
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause a holstered large weapon to be lost when activating the diorama in Paris.
  • Fire Safety
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause NPC’s to teleport away when they are burning.
  • HDR Launcher
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘HDR’ option could not be enabled in the game’s launcher on AMD cards.
  • Sun Spots (HDR)
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause black pixels to appear around bright light sources when HDR is enabled.
  • Additional
    • We’ve also fixed other minor issues involving AI dialogue, audio and VO consistency, escalation completion marks and we’ve slightly reworded some menu text to make it more consistent

It seems a lot of the changes made in the Hitman March update were based around vanishing objects, missing weapons, kills not registering correctly, darkness where there should be light, and broken countdowns. One interesting patch here is the Chinese support, which will hopefully broaden the range of the games player base, though unfortunately the language support is only for the PC version of the game. Most important part of this patches though, is a patch to “rare crashing issues”. Crashes of any kind are miserable to deal with and its good to see that go away.

Hitman March Update

Also addressed next to the March Update is some content players can expect for Hitman in March:

  • Week 1
    • An Escalation Contract in Marrakesh
  • Week 2
    • Elusive Target #22 in Colorado
    • March Game Update
  • Week 3
    • 10 New Featured Contracts
  • Week 4
    • An Escalation Contract in Bagkok

Hitman: Season One is available for all PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 normally at $49.99 USD. Right now,  you can find it at a discounted price of $29.99 USD on the Xbox One. While second and third seasons are expected for the game, there has been no announcement on when players can expect to find these or what they will entail.

Will you be picking up Hitman: First Season? Anything you wish they had fixed in the March Update? Let us know in the comments below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage on all things gaming and entertainment.

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