Huge Halo Multiplayer Project Now 100% Complete And Free (VIDEO)

It was revealed recently that the popular Halo mod called “ElDewrito” was completed after years of community-driven support. The project was started with the goal of making the once-abandoned Halo Online fully operational to those on PC, and this last week saw the Halo multiplayer project finally come to fruition.

Players are able to participate in the online multiplayer that fans of the series are likely familiar with including the ability to battle in classic areas or implement numerous fan-submitted creations. One of the more useful features added into the game is the Forge tool, which grants the ability for users to create their own assets, given they’re talented enough to do so.

Halo Multiplayer Project

Development team member RabidSquabbit revealed progress of the Halo multiplayer project in a new update. In addition to outlining the mod’s recent additions and tweaks, they disclosed that the game’s bugs are largely repaired and major features are now 100% completed.

We are at a state where we now consider the game to be ‘Feature Complete’. All of the major bugs that we’ve committed to fixing have been fixed. All of the features that we committed to adding, have been added. No more features will be added.”

They went on to say that development will still continue in what they refer to as “Regression Testing”, which involves the dedicated team performing a clean sweep of the progress they’ve made so far and fixing any remaining bugs they find along the way. They also went over their thought process for this decision in their extensive post.

The reason this is necessary is because over time, parts of the code have changed, been refactored, moved, etc. We need to ensure that we haven’t broken anything along the way. One of our main devs, unk_1, once said ‘I can’t overstate how much I just molested the engine over the last 2 weeks. It needs to be tested like a lot.’ And that’s what we’ll be doing.”

For those who are too anxious to get their Spartan on, waiting for these these fixes to be implemented isn’t required. The Halo multiplayer project as well as its many community-made mods are currently available to download for free via the ElDewrito website.

What do you think? Are going to hop aboard the ElDewrito hype train right now, or are you sticking with the console versions for the time being? Does “ElDewrito” remind anyone else of that Mountain Dew/Doritos hybrid called “Dewitos”? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter to informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more featured mods from recent weeks, check out these next few links below:

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