Halo Megablocks – A Look at the Game that Almost Was (VIDEO)

Halo Megablocks

Since the wild popularity of Lego’s invasion of the gaming world, fans of many franchise games have been hoping their fandom might get a turn under the block. With Lego’s aversion to realistic depictions of guns, it is of little surprise that some of the titles being asked for never made it. Megablocks has been quick to pick up the slack, taking the lead where Lego has no interest. Enter Halo Megablocks.

The 2009 release of Halo Megablocks had fans incredibly excited that their favorite game had been, to some extent, Legoized. But few know that the popular video game and Megablock toy almost had a game for the Xbox 360. In conjunction with Microsoft and N-Space, Halo Megablocks was canceled suddenly during development in 2013 and has fallen by the wayside.

Halo Megablocks

In a video released on January 7th by Andrew Borman of “Preserving Game History“, fans were allowed a sneak peek at some of the finished game, given by an “anonymous donor”. The video below details the single finished level of gameplay which, for still being in development, looks pretty fantastic on the Unreal Engine 3. There are other unfinished levels featured too, as well as tells on what would have been expected had the game been finished.

In the game, you could play as a Megablock Spartan fighting Covenant as you attempt to build a base and solve puzzles. The game plays much like your favorite Lego games, but with the Halo feel we all know and love. Featured weapons included the Battle Rifle, Energy Sword, Rocket Launcher, and Needler among others. Fans could have also expected to have customizable vehicles and several styles of game play including co-op and a “Besieged” mode, which is basically a “defeat the horde” style game.

Halo Megablocks
Not actual image. Fan Art by DANYVADERDAY on Deviant Art.


Though this game may never see a console, 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross noted in an interview that they have recieved requests for games that appeal to a younger audience, including games like this. It could be that under the guidance of Ross we may see a revival of the Halo Megablocks game. With her interest in keeping the “core spirit” of Halo alive as they continue to develop the franchise, it’s anyones guess what will come next or if this game fits that vision.

What do you think of a Halo Megablocks game? Sound off with your thoughts  in the comments below!

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