Halo Infinite Launch Trailer Pits Master Chief Against Great Odds (VIDEO)

Halo Infinite Launch Trailer

The Xbox Series X has finally reached its first-year anniversary, and soon it will see the release of its most anticipated exclusive title, Halo Infinite. The game, which was meant to bring Master Chief into the new generation of gaming tech last year, was sadly delayed from its initially planned launch alongside the Series X. However, the title looks to have at least been given the proper time needed to be polished and high-quality. Glimpses at the game and multiplayer mode released early so far have suggested the most expansive scope the series has ever seen, and the new Halo Infinite launch trailer continues to hype up Master Chief’s biggest fight yet.

Microsoft has released the Halo Infinite launch trailer on their official Xbox YouTube channel. The trailer shows a mix of cutscenes and gameplay, with Master Chief as the main focus. The trailer features narration from the hero, as well as a new AI companion known as “The Weapon” and the ominous threats to eradicate all of humanity from villain Escharum. In the trailer, Master Chief is suggested to be going up against a whole new army on the severely damaged Halo Ring Installation 07, a.k.a. Zeta Halo.

Halo Infinite launch trailer

The Halo Infinite launch trailer also shows plenty of new gameplay footage, showing Master Chief in action in first-person mode on foot and third-person mode in land and flying vehicles. Villain Escharum is seen in the alien flesh, as well as an enemy wielding dual energy swords. The world of Halo looks breathtakingly stunning in this trailer, and it shows that 343 Industries is making full use of the Xbox Series X’s power. Fans will at long last get to play the single-player campaign when it arrives on December 8th. Until then, why not play some of that early multiplayer action and get ready to reload?

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