Goosebumps Author R.L. Stine is Writing for Marvel

For many of us, Goosebumps was a childhood favorite. For many of us still, the spooky tales may have even found themselves stacked haphazardly amidst some of our favorite comics. Though, were we to ask our childhood selves, not in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined R.L. Stine would be writing a comic series – but here we are!

In a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” hosted by Stine, on Halloween of course, a fan asked quite simply if the beloved author had ever considered writing for comic books.


In the moment it seemed like a pretty simple question, with an answer we probably would have expected to be anything but what he responded with. Reddit, and the rest of us to be sure, got more than they bargained for (in the best possible way) when Stine replied: “I’m writing a series of comic books for Marvel– ”


As an author of 62 books for the children’s series “Goosebumps”, which spurred a graphic novel adaption, a TV series and a Movie, it may not come as much of a surprise that Marvel might be interested in tapping the 72 year old authors flare for the quirky, mysterious, and macabre.

All is speculation at this point, as Stein is obviously under contract not to talk about the details. Fans, however, can likely expect some interesting tales to be spun in the Marvel Universe soon.


Stein also expressed excitement over the recent Goosebumps film, and the possibility of a sequel coming in the future. It looks like fans can expect a lot more awesome from R.L. Stein in the future, which has shot the excitement meter to super charged!

What are your thoughts about Stein working in comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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