Independent Studio The Outsiders Releases “Project Wight” Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Project Wight Concept Art

David Goldfarb, along with his ragtag group of comrades, The Outsiders, are working on something magical. That magical something is known only as Project Wight, an alternate history Viking horror RPG that centers around humans and their encounters with what remains of an intelligent species. The brilliant part of this game that the video showcases is the fact that you play as that species.

The video, narrated by Goldfarb himself, begins in a dimly lit cave with the brutal sounds of bludgeoning coming from what appears to be the entrance. Your point of view is very low when you are presented with the fact that you will be playing as a creature of the forgotten species. You are a young creature, on all fours, who is rather good at sneaking. That is, until the humans that are enthusiastically chopping away at your father’s body notice you and start to come after you. Luckily, being as small as you are, you are able to evade them through small holes and passageways within the caves.

Project Wight

After the break, you are in the mouth of a cave that appears to open out onto a cliff, and are now playing as an older and more powerful creature. What you do to this poor soul standing before you is barbaric, intense, and downright beautiful, but what you do afterward is even better. With an awesome concept behind it, gorgeous scenery, and what could turn out to be a fantastic story, this game might be quite the treat. Check out the full video below.

What are your thoughts about the video? Anything that stood out? Anything you didn’t like? Let us know in the comments! How about these new Mass Effect: Andromeda teasers? Those doing anything for you? You know, N7 Day is right around the corner. You should stick around and stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers, as we’ll be bringing you not only Mass Effect news, *cough* N7 Day *cough*, but also all video gaming news!

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