Kotobukiya Maximum Carnage Marvel Fine Arts Figure Review

If there is one thing I know, it’s that Kotobukiya knows their way around a fine statue. While working as press at 2016’s Chicago Comic-con, I swear I heard a chorus of hallelujah music and angels descended gracefully from the rafters. And then … then I locked eyes, my body stock still, my feet unable to move. My heart started racing, my breath caught in my throat and I knew – I just knew … it was love at first sight. That’s when I met Kotobukiya’s Maximum Carnage 1:6 scale statue for the first time and my life will never again be the same.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the box was huge and weighted but I knew I couldn’t wait to bust this bad boy out. The piece comes in two major parts; the base and the figure itself. The tendrils are removable and you can play around with location with limited capacity. His hands are also interchangeable with your choice of his dastardly claws or his spiked weapon, the Carnage scythe arm. This figure weighs just over 7 pounds and is approximately 9.1 inches tall and is appropriately scaled to character.

The master sculptor behind this piece, Erick Sosa, is responsible for bringing to life characters across all fandoms in comics, video games, and even original characters. Sosa did a remarkable job with staying true to the raw viciousness that Carnage has always embodied while creating a quality show of craftsmanship. The paint was clean and allocated appropriately with no bleeding, fading, or wear. The symbiotic body was excellently crafted with an eloquently styled pose so often seen from this particular Marvel villain making this addition to the Marvel line incredibly dynamic.

Another thing that really stuck out to me, and a huge reason why I will always be a Sosa fan as well a Kotobukiya in general, was the fine quality of the base. The base itself is extremely solid and stable and is intricate with the detailing in the rocks, the form, and the base-toenvironment relation. The foundation itself, as well as the bulk of the figure, is made from resin which makes the quality of it that much more noticeable. The shading and the colour application were both done brilliantly and realistically. And for well acquainted fans, the cracked “Daily Bugle” building sign was an enjoyable detail added to give even more authenticity to this piece.

Bottom line is that Kotobukiya’s Maximum Carnage statue is amazing and works amazingly well if you have other pieces from this collection such as Venom or Spider-man. Extremly dynamic, solid and expertly crafted, this beauty is the perfect addition to any Marvel fan’s shelf. You can buy him from online wholesalers as well as Kotobukiya’s online store. This figure retails for $199.99 and up, depending on retailer

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