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Google Stadia Games

Google Stadia was revealed at GDC 2019, and with the platform set to arrive this year, many have wondered what games will be available for streaming. After all, it was also announced that cross-play capabilities will be in place, so the amount of games could end up being massive.

However, we only know of a few games that have been confirmed to be available on Google Stadia when it arrives later this year. There will surely be many more to come, but for the time being, here’s what is for sure happening:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

For those of you who don’t know, Google held a significant beta test for Stadia last year, only it was called Project Stream at the time. This testing phase allowed participants to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey entirely through the powers of the Internet and the Chrome browser. Naturally, as Ubisoft has been working with Google, the latest installment in the franchise will be available on Stadia and is more than likely a launch title.

In addition to this, former Ubisoft executive and Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond is the head of Google’s first-party studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment, so there’s a good chance this will only further the relationship between Google and Ubisoft.

DOOM Eternal

The highly-anticipated sequel to 2016’s DOOM is set to arrive later this year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, during the Google Stadia announcement, it was also revealed that id Software has been working with Google, and the entirety of DOOM Eternal is currently running on Stadia.

That’s right, the bloody goodness of DOOM Eternal will be available on Google Stadia. With there being a bit of a competitive aspect featured in the sequel, this also might play well with the cross-play support. Here’s to hoping, at least.

Untitled Q-Games Project

Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert revealed that the studio was working on a video game that revolves around the State Share feature of Google Stadia. For those who don’t know, State Share will allow players to share and/or link others to particular moments in any given video game. Q-Games, who is known for the PixelJunk series and Star Fox 64 3D, will be utilizing this feature when it comes to their untitled game, which is confirmed for Google Stadia.

And there you have it. There may only be three titles at this time, but with all of the support behind Google Stadia, we can only imagine the amount of titles that will be available on the platform at launch. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Are you excited to see what comes of Google Stadia? Do you think this is the future of gaming? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!


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