Ghost Recon Wildlands Meets Rainbow Six Siege With New Event, Meet the Operators

Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Special Operations 2 has launched for Ghost Recon Wildlands bringing with it a new PvE Ghost mode, new PvP classes, maps, and more. The most exciting of these coming updates is a new crossover with another Tom Clancy franchise, Rainbow Six Siege. In this crossover, the Rainbow Six team has lost one of their fellow members and needs the help of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Ghosts to find them.

Caveira is one of the Rainbow Six Operators who hails from Brazil and is well known for her abilities in stealth, interrogation, and intel gathering. According to a post from Ubisoft, Caveira was raised in the favelas of Sao Paulo where she committed acts of robbery and had some connections with organized crime.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Fellow Operator Valkyrie was able to track down the missing operative to Bolivia under suspicions that Caveira may have returned to her criminal ways, the results of which could be devastating. Using her connections to the Ghost Recon team, she’s asked for help in finding the lost Rainbow Six Operative. Also helping the search is Twitch who was following up on a Rainbow operation in Brazil.

  • Valkyrie
    • When Valkyrie was still a Navy SEAL, she first met Karen Bowman during a particularly dangerous mission in South America. Bowman was an undercover CIA operative who provided Valkyrie’s team with valuable intel, and the two kept in contact as Valkyrie was recruited for Rainbow and Bowman began working with Ghost Recon. Within Rainbow, Valkyrie’s specialty is surveillance and gathering intel. A former Olympic hopeful, she is very competitive and works well with aggressive operators like Caveira. When Caveira goes missing and is presumed to be in Bolivia, Valkyrie contacts her old friend Bowman, and the two of them provide intel and support to the Ghosts on the ground as they search for the missing Rainbow Operator.
  • Twitch
    • Twitch is a French national, known for her proficiency with robotics and mechanics, and she was in Brazil for a follow-up assessment on a Rainbow operation when Caveira first went missing. Using advanced technology from the Skell Tech Corporation, she was able to develop Shock Drones that can be deployed for stealth reconnaissance, or used to take out enemy electronics. When Twitch finds out a fellow Rainbow member is missing, she immediately packs up her drones and heads to Bolivia to assist the Ghost Recon operators in their search for Caveira.

Special Operations 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Has Caveira returned to her criminal roots or is something else going on? Let us know your thoughts on the Ghost Recon Wildlands x Rainbow Six Siege crossover and more in the comments section below. As always. don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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