ARGcast #120: Anime Style Retro Games with Evan Bourgault

ARGcast #120: Anime Style Retro Games with Evan Bourgault

Unleash your inner weeb with us and returning guest “King Baby Duck” Evan Bourgault of Boston Bastard Brigade as we look over anime style games in history!

Take a (Shonen) jump into the world of anime style video games in history, ARGonauts! We welcome back “King Baby Duck” Evan Bourgault of the Boston Bastard Brigade to tap into our power levels of anime video game knowledge. What makes the art style work so well in games? Where does it work (not work) so well? What does Robert have against Wheaties? We get into all that PLUS we read and react to responses from listeners like YOU!

ARGcast #120: Anime Style Retro Games with Evan Bourgault

First we dive into the news about the Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion, and what we’d really love to see in a proper Uncharted movie. We then take a look at the announcement for a western release of Return of Double Dragon, Stewart Copeland of The Police lending his expertise to Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and a Final Fantasy XV mod that will surely please PS1 fans.

The Stage of History has us welcome a couple of newer retro RPGs that sport an anime flair with Dragon Quest VIII and Persona 4, plus Robert takes us back to the truly obscure anime shooter Ordyne in Obscura. Be sure to pick up our game code giveaways for Lost Technology and Sonic Mania, then stick around a bit longer for another round of Random Select! Where (or when) would you find David’s character this week?

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