Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update To Introduce New Permadeath Mode (VIDEO)

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a phenomenally large game, hosting a variety of different areas and objectives to choose from. Despite all that it has to offer, some players might find it lacks a true challenge in stealth and tactics and Ubisoft is fully aware. In a coming update, the studio will introduce a new permadeath PvE mode, alongside other changes and fresh new features. Ghost Mode as the new gameplay feature is called is essentially vanilla Wildlands with friendly fire, weapon limitations, and permadeath.

Not only is Ghost Recon: Wildlands getting a highly-requested permadeath game mode, but the team over at Ubisoft will bring new PvP maps, an observer mode, Ghost War challenges, and much more. The best part about all this? It’s completely free. For more detailed information on the update arriving July 31st, check out the summary video above or the full patch notes below:

Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Special Operations 2 Full Patch Notes

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is designed for the best of the best Ghosts out there. In this mode, you’ll be able to create a new character in order to take down the Santa Blanca under the most thrilling conditions.

  • With only one primary weapon by your side, you’ll need to choose carefully. You will only be able to change your loadout at either an ammo box, or by looting fallen enemies.
  • You will also need to plan out your reloads, as any remaining ammo in your magazine will be lost.
  • Be extremely careful with your shots, Ghosts, or you could bring down your co-op team with friendly fire.
  • And most importantly, with Ghost Mode, death is permanent. So stay frosty.

Ghost Mode will be available for all difficulty settings, including Tier 1 Mode. And of course this challenge doesn’t come without rewards: more to come on that in our patchnotes. So put your skills to the test and reap the benefits that will come with success!

This free mode will be available for all players, with a week-early access for Year 2 Pass holders starting on July 24th, 2018.

Other Features

  • True Solo: Those who are truly looking for a lone wolf experience can now toggle off their AI teammates in both our Campaign and Ghost Mode. Up for the challenge?
  • New PVP Maps: We have two new maps coming to Ghost War, including a highly community- requested snow map.
  • Victory Screen: The taste of victory will be made even sweeter with the return of the Victory Screen at the end of Ghost War matches. The winning team will now get to show off their customization and victory poses after a well-earned win.
  • Observer Mode: Take your Ghost War experience to the next level with our brand new Observer Mode. Simply go into Custom Matches to both watch and showcase your Ghost War games. Game on!
  • Ghost War Challenges: New daily challenges will now be available in Ghost War, rewarding players with Prestige credits for their extra hard work.
  • Prestige Economy: You shared your feedback, and we heard you! Special Operation 2 will bring an overhaul of our Prestige economy. You will now be able to earn Prestige Credits not only in Ghost War, but also in the Campaign too (including Ghost Mode). A new tab in the Store will be added to allow you to spend your Prestige Credits not only on Ghost War Classes, but on Prestige Packs too, which include customization items.
  • Year 2 Pass Updates: Not only do Year 2 Pass owners gain week-early access to all Ghost War Classes, they will now also enjoy a week-early access to Ghost Mode, starting on July 24th. The Year 2 Pass also includes the Splinter Cell Gear Pack and 8 Battle Crates. You can purchase a Year 2 Pass here.
  • New Customization Items: More than 100 new exclusive items have been added to our Battle Crates, including new Emotes, Voice Lines, customizable weapons, vehicles, and more!

That’s a whole lot of new content to love. Ghost Mode ups the ante on vanilla Wildlands, putting more at stake than usual. All progress will be lost once you die and teamwork is as important as ever. Additionally, season pass holders will get a chance to enjoy all these features a week earlier than everyone else on July 24th.

What changes and additions are you most excited to test out on Ghost Recon: Wildlands? Are you stoked to see what kind of trouble you and your friends will get into?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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