Undertale Creator Provides Status Update On The Sequel, Deltarune

Digital game downloading infrastructures for modern consoles and PC have helped many indie developers become known successful figures in their own right after just a single game. One such success…

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Undertale Artist

Undertale Artist Releases New Game

With digital game downloading making games easier to release than ever, independent creators have been able to find incredible success on modern gaming platforms. One of the biggest cases of…

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adding Sans Outfit From Undertale (VIDEO)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon. During the latest Nintendo Direct, the relesae date for Banjo-Kazooie was finally announced alongside their own stage…

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Claims Undertale Character Is Next DLC Fighter

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Claims Undertale Character Is Next DLC Fighter (VIDEO)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to be one of the top fighting games on the scene right now, and over half a year since its launch, it is continuing to…

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Undertale Nintendo Switch Port Release Date, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Undertale Nintendo Switch Release Date, Collector’s Edition Revealed

One of the biggest success stories in indie gaming last generation was Undertale, created by Toby Fox. The game became a massive hit on PC, and over the years since…

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Huge Gaming Vinyl Set Sale Going On Now: Resident Evil, Uncharted, Dark Souls, Undertale, & More!

If you came to the DFTG home offices, you would see tons of vinyl sets based off of our favourite game and movie soundtracks. There’s just nothing quite like a…

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Select Gaming Vinyl Sets On Sale Now For A Limited Time: Dark Souls, Uncharted, And More

Music can make or break a video game. A fantastically done soundtrack can make the gaming experience infinitely more immersive, taking the player to a place beyond a simple playthrough…

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PlayStation Store

New Titles Added to the PlayStation Store – Undertale, Nidhogg 2, and More!

For all of you out there that prefer life on the Sony side of things, you’ll be excited to learn that a ton of new titles have been added to…

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RPG Undertale

Wonderfully Unique RPG ‘Undertale’ Gets a Console Release Date – Special Edition Detailed

Undertale is an indie RPG inspired by the likes of titles such as Mother and Mario & Luigi. Sony announced during E3 that the weird and quirky RPG game would…

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