Gaming Grandma Documentary Looks At The Life Of Shirley Curry (VIDEO)

Gaming Grandma

Shirley Curry, who’s also been known as Gaming Grandma / Grandma Shirley, is an elderly gamer who streams various games with a major love for Skyrim. Grandma Curry has shown fans that the beloved RPG can be full of wonder and enjoyment no matter how old the player. A new documentary has arrived featuring Curry as she talks about who she is and discusses her thoughts on why gaming is truly a hobby for everyone.

Curry explains in the video below that she began streaming after being nudged to do so by fellow YouTubers who she interacted with after watching and commenting on their videos. She also explains that from the start her fans would call her Grandma and so it felt natural to call them Grandkids as well. While many other content creators are upbeat and focus on the end goal of beating the game or winning a match, Curry takes her time exploring and having her own adventures and stories within the world. Paired with her calm and “grandmotherly” demeanor, her content makes for a delightful experience to watch.

When Elder Scrolls VI was teased last year, Curry commented that she might not be able to play the game due to her age. Fans then took it upon themselves to begin a petition to add her into the upcoming game as an NPC. Thankfully, earlier this year it was discovered that Bethesda took notice of the popular YouTuber and brought her in to fulfill this dream of making her a character.

Elder Scrolls VI doesn’t have a release date yet nor have their been any platforms confirmed for the title, however Bethesda has heavily implied that it will solely be a next-gen title. Let us know your thoughts on the Gaming Grandma and Skyrim in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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