RUMOR: Gamestop Managers Spill the Beans on Possible SNES Classic Relaunch

The rumor mill has begun to turn in the development of a possible new system in the works for gamers everywhere. According to an article on Destructoid, it may have been revealed by two Gamestop managers that an SNES Classic is very possibly in the works for a future system release from Nintendo. In the article, the author revealed while speaking to these two individuals, the announcement of this system relaunch may come in the near future:

One thing led to another, and he eventually let loose with a story about how Nintendo had told him and other store managers at a “behind closed doors event” that a SNES Classic plug-and-play system was in the works. He specifically said that there was no release date for it, but that his guess was that it would “drop this holiday” and “would be made in short supply just to piss people like me off ha ha ha!”

Upon speaking to the second Gamestop manager, the author discovered even more details in regards to their plans. It turns out the information was supposed to remain confidential information since the exciting news was divulged behind “closed door” meetings. Unsurprisingly, this kind of knowledge doesn’t remain concealed for long.

Source #2 was another Gamestop manager, from a store about an hour’s drive from where the tip originated. I figured that was far enough away that the two managers were less than likely to know each other. This manager seemed pretty surprised when I asked if they could confirm or deny the news of a SNES Classic in the works. After assuring them that I was with “the press,” and that their identity would remain secret, they were willing to open up a bit. They said that they too had been to a behind closed doors meeting with a Nintendo representative who confirmed that the SNES Classic was going to happen, and that their stores should prepare a line up for a number system accordingly.

Of course, this is all speculative at the moment, but if these allegations are to be believed then it seems that it may be only a matter of time until the SNES Classic is officially unveiled by Nintendo. If so, make sure to check back with DFTG for more information on getting a chance to pick up this throwback system for anyone’s gaming collection. For more news on other future in-game reveals, check out these articles below to keep in the know:

Thoughts on the rumor of an SNES Classic system being released in the future? How many fans think that these allegations are true? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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