SNES Classic Stock available at GameStop

SNES Classic Stock Available at GameStop On Launch Day

With Nintendo’s SNES Classic console officially launching on Friday September 29, fans looking to relive the console’s glory days are scrambling to locate stores that still have remaining availability for…

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NES Classics

Nintendo Says They are Producing More NES Classics – Arriving Next Summer

For those who were not able to get their hands on Nintendo’s first mini retro console, another chance will be arriving next year. Many weren’t able to obtain one due…

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Reggie Fils-Aime Says SNES Classic Production “Dramatically Increased” – “Not Our Fault”

The pre-order problem with the SNES Classic brought back too many memories for gamers that weren’t able to get their hands on the consoles predecessor. A shortage that was heard…

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Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 Developers Celebrate Release of the Upcoming SNES Classic Title

After 22 years, Star Fox 2 is finally releasing to the public and no one is happier about it than the team behind the game’s intense development. The game will…

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The Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom Announced for Japan

The Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom was announced for Japan alongside the Western unveiling for the Super NES Classic edition. Similar to the latter, the miniature console will have 21…

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nintendo 3ds xl

“Significantly More” SNES Classics Will Be Available for Purchase – But There’s a Catch

If you’re a gamer, chances are you remember the NES Classic Edition tragedy of 2016. A moment of silence for those lost souls that fell into the scalper’s trap by…

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RUMOR: Gamestop Managers Spill the Beans on Possible SNES Classic Relaunch

The rumor mill has begun to turn in the development of a possible new system in the works for gamers everywhere. According to an article on Destructoid, it may have…

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