silent hill

Silent Hill Reboot Rumors Debunked By Konami

Fans have been wanting a new Silent Hill game for quite some time, especially since Silent Hills was cancelled. Rumors began to pop up recently stating that a reboot was…

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Resident Evil 8 Capcom

Rumor: Resident Evil 8 Is “Years Away,” Non-RE Remakes Coming “Soon”

Capcom has been riding a Nemesis-sized pile of success for the last few years, with projects such as Monster Hunter World and the Resident Evil 2 remake pushing the publisher’s…

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Two Silent Hill Games

Two Silent Hill Games Rumored To Be In The Works

With the promise of a new generation of gaming consoles promised for the end of 2020, gamers looking forward to the industry’s future. There’s especially some potential for the return…

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First Detective Pikachu Trailer Brings Pokemon Into Live Action (VIDEO)

Detective Pikachu Spinoff Film Already In Development (RUMOR)

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu doesn’t release until May, but the hype train continues to build. Apparently, the suits at Warner Bros. like what they have seen so far, because they’re already…

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Batman Arkham Series is Done – "Sorry" (VIDEO)

Batman Developers Continue To Hint At 2019 Release For Court Of Owls Game

Earlier this month, we reported that Warner Bros. Montreal could soon release details on their next Batman video game. While the studio has yet to officially announce the next title,…

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Nintendo Switch

Rumor: A New Version of the Nintendo Switch Is On The Way

Both Sony and Microsoft expanded upon their current generation of consoles by upgrading them into even better versions such as the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X. A…

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Until Dawn Wendigo

Until Dawn 2 May Already Be In Development

Three years ago, Until Dawn created quite a stir with a stellar cast and a terrifying and unique monster. Fans of the horror game hoped for more, but developer Supermassive…

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The Legend of Zelda Could Be Universal Orlando’s Next Attraction (RUMOR)

With Nintendo taking on a prominent role at Universal Studios, we guessed that more games would receive their own attractions. We’d already discussed the Final Fantasy and Mario Kart rides…

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Left 4 Dead 3 Speculation Sparked By Job Openings

As Left 4 Dead 2 approaches its ten year anniversary, series fans continue to hope for news of a third installment. A fake game teaser broke the hearts of many…

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Every E3 2018 Leak So Far Before the Showcase Begins

E3 2018 is just a few short days away, and just like every year before this one – the rumors are a-buzzin’ and the leaky ships are even leakier. From Fortnite for…

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