Let the Beach Bloodbath Begin – Friday the 13th Spring Break DLC Revealed (VIDEO)

13th Spring Break DLC Announced (VIDEO)

Friday the 13th: The Game has a previously announced Clothing Update on the way that aims to offer some variety to the murderous proceedings. The new feature will add the ability to customize camp counselors’ attire right down to the fabric type. The prominent update has no current release date, but in the meantime, IllFonic has released a trailer showing off the first outfits pack that will take advantage of the incoming mode. The newly revealed Friday the 13th Spring Break DLC features the horror game’s counselors sporting brand new 80s-style swimsuits and laid-back vacation-wear.

As seen in the video above, beach clothing from bikinis, Hawaiian shirts, to lifeguard uniforms are prominently featured and, yes, tiger-print speedos are here too. The trailer footage goes as one would expect from a standard spring break scenario, with swimwear-clad counselors partying on a beach. All seems normal, that is, until Jason crashes the party to begin his spree of impaling people with fence posts.

As with the unreleased Clothing Update, Friday the 13th Spring Break DLC has no release date as of yet, as it most likely requires the update’s unreleased features to function properly. For now, players will be limited to just the standard clothing and options for the playable counsellors until both additions are ready to go out. Whenever it launches, the Spring Break DLC will be available for $1.99 USD for a limited window of time.

What do you think? Are these outfits silly and unnecessary, or are cheesy things like this part of Friday the 13th‘s charm? When do you think the Clothing Update will come out? Speculate in the comments section below and be sure to follow DFTG on the Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For the latest in DLC news, head to these next few news stories:

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