Future LawBreakers Updates Bringing Maps, New Class, Extended Features, and More

LawBreakers Updates

Developer Boss Key Productions has announced post release content coming that will expand their freshman title’s playability, modes, classes, and more! The announcement for the new LawBreakers updates graced Twitter recently, giving fans a peek at what’s to come. Check out the images in the tweet below:

First on the LawBreakers updates list are two maps called Gateway and Namsan. The image above gives a small peek at the new levels coming to the game. However, what is in store for players there remains a mystery and fans are waiting for more details, likely to come in the next Rapid Fire Update on YouTube.

Also coming with future LawBreakers updates is Skirmishes and a ranked mode the developer has dubbed “Boss League”. The silhouetted figure near the end there is a new class coming that just might change the game up. As is the case with all updates, more changes will come as well to fix bugs, character balance, gameplay, and ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone.

LawBreakers Updates

The tweeted image is a roadmap for LawBreakers updates, which means each component should be released in the order shown. Bearing in mind, however, these things have a way of changing in development and nothing is set in stone. All of the coming content is free for players who purchased a copy of the game, along with stash-drop items. These updates are expected to come out steadily over the rest of the year and may likely see new features along the way. The anti-gravity MMO first-person shooter is currently available to play on PC and PS4.

What are some changes to the game’s mechanics, content, and characters that would make LawBreakers a better online first-person shooter experience? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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